Types of Food Recipe which are healthy as well as containing protein ingredients

Appetizer – It includes Snacks like Mushrooms, Pecans, Cocktail Meatballs, Coconut Shrimp, Chocolate Cheese Balls, Fruit Dip, Chicken Puffs, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds and much more.

Breakfast & Brunch – In this category we will include Dishes like Bacon tacos, Casserole, Pancakes, Fluffy Toast, Waffles, crepes, banana bread, sausage balls, Baked Oatmeal and something tasty and healthy for your bronchi breakfast.

Bread Recipe – There are several types of dishes which can be made by breads, we are including hell lots of bread dishes in it also you will experimental bread dishes, we will send you some tasty bread recipes also, bread dishes like Strawberry bread, Boston Brown Bread, Honey Cornbread, Hot dog Buns, Banana Breads, Hamburger buns, Muffins, cannabin, Cream bread and simple scones.

Chicken – All the chicken lover are known for experimenting, they usually does some great experiments on the daily basis, There are so many chicken recipe’s which all non vegetarian’s loved to eat on daily basis, dishes like whole chicken, chicken legs, chicken sausage, baked and roasted chicken, chicken breasts, chicken sandwiches, chicken thighs, chicken tenders, Fried Chicken, Chicken Chilli, ground chicken and chicken soups.

Drinks – Drinks are the perfect party drinks, Drinks are the only things which no one can avoid while attending any function or party, Drinks does contain so many varieties which are Cocktails, Tea Drinks, Coffee Drinks, Beer Cocktails, Flavour Cocktails, Mulled wine, Taqila shots, Mocktails, Lemonade, Hot Chocolate Shake, Juice, Cold Drinks, Slushies and much more.

Dinner Recipe – Dinner recipe should be light as well as healthy, heavy food can increase the fat in you, also it should always contain more ingredients dishes such as Pork Chockes, Spaghetti, Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Slow Cooker Dishes, Dishes for Vegetarians, Beef steaks,  Main dishes with salads, Meatloaf, Bakes and roasted Chicken and many more can be used as Perfect Dinner Recipe for more than 5 people.

Vegetarian – There are not so many varieties for Vegetarians because it is very much hard to do experiments with ingredients as well as dishes, there are some famous vegetarian dishes which anyone can have, they are having low fat content as well as easy to cook, veg dishes such as Vegetarian BBQ & Grilling, Veggie Grain Whole, Vegetarian Pasta, Vegetarian Pie, Veggie Salads, Veggie quiche and much more are the varieties of food which is available for vegetarians.

Junk Foods – It is the food of young generations, all the Gen Z junkie’s are addicted and crazy for new and tasty junk foods, Food such Pizza, Burger, Hot Dogs, Momos, fried Chicken, Cheese burger, Cheese cake, Potato Chips, Popcorn, Tacos, Donuts, Crisps, French Freis, Noodles, Pasta Noodles, Sausages etc are having a great fan following, New gen people are mad about it.

These are some of the categories which we will include in our upcoming blogs, we will also share the recipes with you via our email newsletter, and if you have to contact us in any regards you can connect us via mail or social media, in case of any query you can also write a query or can comment in any of the comment section below the blogs.


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