How to become a Good Cook..??

How to Become A Good Cook..!!
1.Cultivating Your Inner Chief 2.Cooking without a recipe 3.Prepare your kitchen and pantry
Being a good chief is a hectic task and does require some expertise. Cultivating your inner chief

·Seek out some of the reliable recipes – You need to read out more recipes before experimenting in the real Kitchen. You can also learn a lot from watching all the related videos. ·Start cooking several recipes – Once you are ready with the list of recipe, most of them is a difficult rating and hard to cook. You can only become a best cook if you practice more and for that all you need to do is cook as much as you can. ·Work through a cookbook – It helps the new comers and pro’s with the same standards. It will make your work much easier, and help you to learn more. ·Cook your meals – Now in the final step, with the help of a cookbook you can create a cookbook, also you should go with a tougher recipe in the beginning. You can start cooking your Favorite meals and focus on im…

Which Food is good for Health

Junk Food vs. Healthy Food

There has been a worldwide war between Junk food & Healthy food and when the youth has to choose between junk food vs. healthy food, junk food has easily won the war! Basically, there is a huge difference between healthy and unhealthy food and it depends on their calorie and fat content available. So, it is always better to know how to differentiate healthy foods from their unhealthier counterparts. And we will try to help you do that! We have shared a list of factors that might help you to keep yourself away from unhealthy/junk food. 1. Oil Difference:There are varieties of cooking oils, that it can get really confusing to choose which one is healthier. The main difference between unhealthy and healthy oils is the amount of saturated and unsaturated fats they contain. Unsaturated fats are healthy Olive oil and sunflower oil are healthy, as they are having low % of saturated fats. 2. Nutrient Capacity:Healthy foods are rich in nutrients like potassium, calc…

How to make a delicious pizza from scratch

How to make a delicious pizza from scratch
Are you a Pizza Lover..??
Junk Food is the food of Gen Z and all young people are pizza lover also you would love to make it at home, No Pizza will be ever taste as it does when you are eating it straight from the oven.  In this article we will try to give you instructions on how to make hot pizza from scratch, we will tell you the fastest way to make pizza.

Ingredients which are required to make a pizza from scratch
1.The first important Ingredients which you need is Pizza Base 2.Pizza Sauce 3.You need your Favourite Pizza Toppings 4.Grated mozzarella cheese Ingredients for Pizza from Scratch

1.11⁄2 cups (350 ml) of warm water 2.1 package or 21⁄4 teaspoons (11 ml) of active dry yeast 3.31⁄2–4 cups (830–950 ml) of flour (bread or all-purpose) 4.2 tablespoons (30 ml) of olive oil 5.3 cups (710 ml) of homemade pizza sauce 6.Favorite pizza toppings 7.4 cups (950 ml) of grated mozzarella cheese 8.Cornmeal 9.2 teaspoons (9.9 ml) of salt How to create a Pizza…

Types of Dinner Food Cuisines

American – When it comes to food, American gets inspiration from Stateside Favourite foods, There are so many varieties available in American Cuisine food such as Texas BBQ, Grilled chicken, All American T-Bone, Cornbread, Diner Sloppy joes, BBQ puled Pork are available worldwide and are containing huge fats supplements.

British – Britishers are born food lover, They have a perfect combo of Taste and Proteins, There Cuisines contains food which is healthy as well as it is containing dietary substance in its food, Recipe such as Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas, Bubble and Squeak Cakes, Chicken tikka masala, Herbed Pudding, Eton Mess, Bangers and mash, Crumpets, Fish and chips, Piccalilli, Berry Trifle, Beef pasties with mint, ginger and peas, Scones, welsh rarebit and much more recipes brings the taste of complete sea food.

Caribbean – Caribbean’s are mostly non vegetarians, Dishes such as Rum Punch, Caribbean beef patties, jerk chicken with rice and peas, black bean curry, jerk sweet pot…

Types of Food Recipe which are healthy as well as containing protein ingredients

Appetizer – It includes Snacks like Mushrooms, Pecans, Cocktail Meatballs, Coconut Shrimp, Chocolate Cheese Balls, Fruit Dip, Chicken Puffs, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds and much more.

Breakfast & Brunch – In this category we will include Dishes like Bacon tacos, Casserole, Pancakes, Fluffy Toast, Waffles, crepes, banana bread, sausage balls, Baked Oatmeal and something tasty and healthy for your bronchi breakfast.

Bread Recipe – There are several types of dishes which can be made by breads, we are including hell lots of bread dishes in it also you will experimental bread dishes, we will send you some tasty bread recipes also, bread dishes like Strawberry bread, Boston Brown Bread, Honey Cornbread, Hot dog Buns, Banana Breads, Hamburger buns, Muffins, cannabin, Cream bread and simple scones.

Chicken – All the chicken lover are known for experimenting, they usually does some great experiments on the daily basis, There are so many chicken recipe’s which all non vegetarian’s loved to eat on da…