Types of Dinner Food Cuisines

American – When it comes to food, American gets inspiration from Stateside Favourite foods, There are so many varieties available in American Cuisine food such as Texas BBQ, Grilled chicken, All American T-Bone, Cornbread, Diner Sloppy joes, BBQ puled Pork are available worldwide and are containing huge fats supplements.

British – Britishers are born food lover, They have a perfect combo of Taste and Proteins, There Cuisines contains food which is healthy as well as it is containing dietary substance in its food, Recipe such as Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas, Bubble and Squeak Cakes, Chicken tikka masala, Herbed Pudding, Eton Mess, Bangers and mash, Crumpets, Fish and chips, Piccalilli, Berry Trifle, Beef pasties with mint, ginger and peas, Scones, welsh rarebit and much more recipes brings the taste of complete sea food.

Caribbean – Caribbean’s are mostly non vegetarians, Dishes such as Rum Punch, Caribbean beef patties, jerk chicken with rice and peas, black bean curry, jerk sweet potato, jerk beef burger, simple coconut and bean soup, hot & spicy sweet potatoes, jerk spice beef, exotic avocado salad and much more.

Chinese – There cuisines originates from a large regions of china, Chinese food such as Dim Sum, Ramen, Sushi, Noodles, Pizza, Chow Mein are one the main food included in Chinese cuisines, cashew chickens, salt & pepper prawns, crispy chilli beef, Chinese pork, Chinese wintery rolls, fried rice is the other most favourite food  which is mostly used in China.

French – French cuisines are full of gallic style recipes, dishes such as blood orange & dark chocolate, chinon apple tarts, summer pistou, lighter cassoulet, French onion soup, ultimate French omelette, chessy toast with ham, summer fish stew, fennel and much more.

Indian – Indian are food lover,  they love spicy food, and they have huge varities of food, in both veg and non veg segments, they have spicy eastern foods such as : Chicken legs, chicken tikka, Chicken tanduri, Grilled Chicken, Fish Soup, Mild Chicken Curry, Fried fish & Tomato curry, fisherman’s curry and many more are available for non vegetarians, but more veggie’s they have more spiced food such as chole bhatura, Shahi Panneer, Dal Makhani, Chilli Panneer, Sambhar Masala, Kerala vegetable curry and many more dishes are available for cuisines. There are food lovers who would love to eat spicy chickens on the daily basis.

Japanese – Japanese are known for its Soups & Cocktails, they never forget to add some Liquid Substance, also there food are healthy, light & fresh. You can try out cuisine dishes such as: Salmon Sushi rolls, Chicken katsu, Chicken soba noodles, sashimi, miso and much more. Try out the tastier Japanese food in proper Japanese style.
Mexican – Mexican’s cuisine dishes are unique in taste and have a lower fat substance, also the food in mexico is guaranteed to please the crowd. You can try food like Fish Tacos, Curtido, Tomatillo Salsa, Michelada, Spicy black bean tacos, Mexican Chicken burger and much more is available for entertaining crowd.

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