How to make a delicious pizza from scratch

How to make a delicious pizza from scratch

Are you a Pizza Lover..??

Junk Food is the food of Gen Z and all young people are pizza lover also you would love to make it at home, No Pizza will be ever taste as it does when you are eating it straight from the oven.  In this article we will try to give you instructions on how to make hot pizza from scratch, we will tell you the fastest way to make pizza.

Ingredients which are required to make a pizza from scratch

1.       The first important Ingredients which you need is Pizza Base
2.       Pizza Sauce
3.       You need your Favourite Pizza Toppings
4.       Grated mozzarella cheese

Ingredients for Pizza from Scratch

1.       1 12 cups (350 ml) of warm water
2.       1 package or 2 14 teaspoons (11 ml) of active dry yeast
3.       3 12–4 cups (830–950 ml) of flour (bread or all-purpose)
4.       2 tablespoons (30 ml) of olive oil
5.       3 cups (710 ml) of homemade pizza sauce
6.       Favorite pizza toppings
7.       4 cups (950 ml) of grated mozzarella cheese
8.       Cornmeal
9.       2 teaspoons (9.9 ml) of salt

How to create a Pizza in no less time – The Fastest Way

1.       Preheat the oven to 400 Fahrenheit (204 Degree Celcius) – Your Oven should be hot before you start cooking it.
2.       You have to remove the crust from the packaging before making it.
3.       Spread the pizza sauce on pizza base crust
4.       It’s time to add your favourite toppings into the crust, you can add as many as you need.
5.       Add the yummy cheese, sprinkle your mozzarella cheese on toppings.
6.       Now it’s time to bake the pizza and you have to bake it on 204 degree Celsius

How to Create a Pizza from Scratch – The Easiest Way

1.       First of all you have to take a warm water in a bowl to prepare a pizza base.
2.       After this you have to add other dough ingredients in it.
3.       Form it into a ball and let the dough rise.
4.       Again preheat the oven with 425 Fahrenheit (218 Degree Celsius)
5.       Now you can easily form a pizza crust.
6.       Now you have to make to ready to bake, by adding more ingredients in it.
7.       Add topping on the pizza, you can also add some homemade sauce or can also spread jam on it, add a layer of your favourite toppings.
8.       Now in the end, you have to make sure that you are baking one pizza at a time, don’t start baking 2-3 pizzas at one time.

Important Tips for you before making Pizza

1.       Before you put your pizza in the oven, spray the pan with a bit of olive oil, for a crisper end-result. It also prevents it from sticking to the pan.
2.       If the crust and top are burnt before the inside is cooked enough, the temperature is too high. A thicker pizza needs lower temperatures so it cooks long enough to be done inside without burning the outside.
3.       You can turn up the heat or even broil the pizza briefly to brown the top, at the end, while eyeing it to avoid burning it.
4.       For a nicer crisp top, broil the top of your pizza. Remember, keep an eye on it! Keep it in the broiler for about two minutes. This process will make a nice golden top.


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